Hello there

Before I became a journalist in 2008, I used to be a prolific blog writer. Movie reviews, mopey updates about my life, overly-enthusiastic sharing of my day or on my random purchases – you name it. My defunct blog – a jarringly different and whimsical site filled with sparkly dreams, raw fears and pining musings – can still be found somewhere in this great big web.

But you know what they say: When you do something you love as a full-time career, you stop doing it out of love. So, personal thoughts and remarks along with an insight into my brain slowly gave way to cautious less-than-140-characters status updates, and even more slowly to silence, apart from an occasional inane photo post or a shared link.

Now that I’ve quit, I’m still searching for my love for the word. The mind, once filled with sentimentality and romance, has been replaced by a stoic, practical voice that reports rather than sings. Hopefully with this post, it’s a beginning where I can start writing for myself.


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